Paradox might be teasing a new Vampire the Masquerade project

Paradox might be teasing a new Vampire the Masquerade project
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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines looks like it might, just might, be getting a follow-up, if what appears to be a new ARG from Paradox is anything to go by.

Say hello to Tender, an obvious play on dating app Tinder, which asks (via RPS): 'Whether you're looking for meaningful friendships, true love or simply a late night bite with a kindred spirit, Tender is here to help.'

After signing in with a Paradox account and agreeing to the newsletter, you are given some questions to answer. There's aren't your run-of-the-mill dating app questions, though. For example, one presents you with an image of a bloody wall, a smiling clown, some maggots, and creepy-looking girl and asks you which one you identify with the most.

Another one quizzes you about your blood type, how lonely you are on a scale of 1-10, and what your interests are. Some of the options for the latter include:

Illuminati, Epicurus, thanatology, unknown, chaos magick, sorcery, demonology, Machiavel, esotericism, taxidermy, murderers, witchcraft, shamanism, De Sade, rituals, hedonism, cryptids, morbidity, and anime.

In addition, RPS drummed up some interesting clues that points to work from Alice & Smith, a Canadian developer responsible for ARGs. Combine this with all the weird blood and cult stuff, and it definitely sounds like we're on a path to something Vampire the Masquerade related.

Paradox, who purchased Vampire the Masquerade publisher White Wolf from CCP a few years back, has said that a new entry in the series would be 'an obvious choice.' Fingers crossed it's already in the works, eh?