Microsoft has announced Pac-Man Championship Edition, a new game in the Pac-Man franchise complete with new soundtracks, high definition graphics and, for the first time since the game launched, all new mazes only available on Xbox 360.

The game retains the classic 2D look, only now with a high definition overhaul. Players will be presented with six themed game modes, including Championship Mode. Here the time limit is set to five minutes and features redesigned mazes with wide walls and widescreen to better suit high-speed gameplay.

Other modes include Challenge Mode 1, offering a mix of Patience and Reward mazes; Challenge Mode 2, in which the maps are blacked out with only the immediate area around Pac-Man visisble; Extra Mode 1, an extreme high speed mode for advanced players; Extra mode 2, a course inspired by the streets of Manhattan; and Extra Mode 3, a mix of all other modes that results in extreme mazes.

In addition, Pac-Man Championship Edition includes the usual Achievements, Gamerscore points and Xbox Live leaderboards.

All this will set you back only 800 Microsoft Points and is available to buy now.