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Overwatch sixth Anniversary Remix event will bring back fan favourite cosmetics and more

Overwatch Anniversary Remix
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Blizzard has detailed the sixth Anniversary event for Overwatch, but it’s shaking things up with a new Remix theme.

Over the next three weeks, the Anniversary Remix event will harken back to classic events from Overwatch‘s history. You’ll be able to unlock all the classic skins from these events, but also new “remixed” versions of  Legendary skins. These include new versions of Demon Genji, Evermore Reaper, Mage Mercy, Nano D.Va and more.

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The first week, known as Volume 1, will cover events like Summer Games, Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland. These events will actually take the place of the usual events this year, so that the team can focus on tweaking Overwatch 2‘s PvP in the upcoming beta. On the positive side, the game modes in these events, such as Archives Missions, Lucio Ball and Mei’s Snowball Challenge, will all return during these Remix volumes.

Volume 1 of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix event will kick off on April 5 and run through until April 25. You can check out more details on the forum or the tweets below. Last month, Blizzard revealed last month that it would be dividing up Overwatch 2‘s PvP and PvE game modes.


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