When is the next Double XP Weekend in Overwatch 2?

When is the next Double XP Weekend in Overwatch 2?
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Like any other game with a battle pass system, Overwatch 2 Double XP weekends are a great way to get through those time-limited runs and get the content you want. If you have been struggling to move through the tiers, this is the perfect time to commit to grinding your way up.

Getting through the 80 tiers of a seasonal battle pass in Overwatch 2 isn’t too difficult if you play pretty regularly. That being said, getting to the level 200 tier for all of the player titles is another story.

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Here is when you can take advantage of the next Double XP weekend in Overwatch 2.

When is the next Overwatch 2 Double XP weekend?

The next Double XP Weekend that takes place in Overwatch 2 is happening from March 24-27. All experience you gain from playing matches will be increased during this time. Keep in mind that this does not apply to experience gained from completing challenges, so you will not get boatloads more experience from those areas.

This particular Double XP weekend is a great time to level through your battle pass in general. At the moment, the Roadhog’s Catch-A-Mari limited-time mode is available in the Arcade. These matches are short three-on-three Kill Confirmed-like battles that can get you quite a bit of experience on their own. Additionally, there are a bunch of challenges available with the event to let you get up to 80,000 extra experience just by playing and completing enough matches. That is eight levels on their own, not counting your Double XP gains.

If you have been struggling to get to the end of the Season 3 battle pass and unlock Kiriko’s Amaterasu Mythic skin, this would be the perfect time to jump in and knock out some tiers before Season 4 approaches.

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