Microsoft has added a pair of new Xbox 360 games to its ever-growing lineup of backwards compatibility titles for Xbox One, with fantasy-flavoured rule-'em-ups Overlord and Overlord II now playable on the console.

Those of you who own the games on disc can slide them into your Xbox One and start playing now, or if you've got a digital copy, just hit up the console's Ready to Download section. 

Don't own them? Pop on over to the Xbox Store, where both games are available for nine quid each.

Developed by Triumph Studios, Overlord sees you reigning as the Big Bad of a dark realm as he attempts to rebuild his kingdom by employing legions of Minions (no, not the cute yellow critters from Despicable Me; these are evil buggers who prefer to pull limbs off than pull pranks). Both games lean heavily toward action-RPG territory, with new weapons and spells available as you conquer your way through each territory. 

Overlord was originally released in 2007 and its sequel followed two years later.

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