EA's next generation development is clearly going to be primarily powered by DICE's Frostbite engine, with Frostbite technical director Johan Andersson confirming that there are over 15 games in development using the powerful engine.

Asked on Twitter about Frostbite 3 support for AMD's recently announced Mantle technology, Andersson replied: "Yes the plan is once Mantle in #BF4 is done it's part of Frostbite & mostly 'out of the box' to use the rest of our 15+ games."

Games known to be utilising Frostbite include the imminent Battlefield 4 and NFS Rivals, then there's Dragon Age: Inquisition, Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare, Command & Conquer, Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror's Edge and a new Mass Effect title. This leaves a lot of room for unannounced Frostbite games.

Battlefield 4 launches November 1, with NFS Rivals hitting stores three weeks later on November 22.

Source: Twitter via OXM