Origin, EA's direct-to-consumer digital service, is installed on more than 9.3 million desktops and has generated more than $100 million in revenue since its release in June 2011.

EA said during a conference call with investors that Origin has been a huge beneficiary of the Battlefield and Star Wars launches.

Regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic, chief financial officer Eric F. Brown added that of the two million units sold, "nearly 40 per cent of the December sell-through went through Origin".

On the future of Origin, Peter C. Ausnit, vice president of Investor Relations, explained that we should expect much more from the service in the months to come.

"We're only 7 months in. Let's all remember here, we only announced this in June of last year as regards, the inception of this platform. It has started off and has done very well," Ausnit told investors. "It's a commercial platform for us to transact directly to our consumers. You're going to see, over the next 12 months, some milestones and a roadmap of features that will include more social features, enhancements to the way that our consumers can access Origin."

He continued: "Not only just focus on the PC but other platforms as well, and then building in different business models, so that we can not just do direct-to-consumer downloads as we currently do with full games or DLC but also different types of business models will allow us to aggregate our consumers and provide them with better opportunities and price value relationships for our content."

He concluded: "I think 12 months from now ... I'll be able to report that we have a full and very robust portal to the consumer on a global basis regardless of platform or geographic location."

Via Seeking Alpha