Orchestival 2014 will be host to the first ever SCORE concert in the UK, offering attendees the opportunity to listen to video games music performed like by The Philharmonia Orchestra.

The concert will feature the retro 8-bit sounds of Commodore 64 and the 16-bit music of Sonic The Hedgehog, reworked by the SCORE team. You'll also get two large suites featuring themes from the Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda series, while Final Fantasy fans will hear well loved music by celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Joining the more retro songs will be the music of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, the jazz and blues of 1940s America in LA Noire and the haunting "The Dragonborn Comes" from Skyrim.

Score programme

Super Mario

The Legend Of Zelda

Final Fantasy


Call Of Duty



Assassin's Creed


Beyond: Two Souls

Sonic The Hedgehog

LA Noire

Commodore 64

Joris de Man, the Dutch soundtrack composer of Killzone, will be giving a talk on the importance of sound design in video games in the Talk tent just before the SCORE concert.

Orchestival takes place July 19-20 in Somerset. Tickets are available here.

Source: Press release

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