Codemasters has announced that Operation Flashpoint: Elite has gone gold and will now be released on October 28th in Europe (November 8th in North America). Developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio, Operation Flashpoint: Elite looks set to offer all the grit and realism that made the original PC title so popular with critics and the games buying public.

The game features two campaigns as well as 15 solo missions taking place over 100+ km2 battle zones. If the single-player modes aren't enough, you can also take part in over 50 online missions, including co-op and team-based play for up to 25 players on Xbox Live (only on certain missions with a dedicated host, otherwise you're limited to 14 players). The game also features a mission editor to create your own scenarios.

Operation Flashpoint: Elite will be available only on Xbox on October 28th in Europe and November 8th in North America.