The game is based on the PC original and is being developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio. The Xbox version retains all the high levels of detail that made the PC version the most realistic and complex military combat simulator.

"This is not another run-and-gun shooter; Operation Flashpoint: Elite simulates modern warfare on a level never seen before on any console, providing a totally new playing experience," said Marek Spanel, Bohemia Interactive Studio's Director. "You'll need brain power as much as quick reflexes; act before you die, think before you act, and find cover before you think."

"We have adapted and improved the game for Xbox while keeping the sheer scope and complexity of the gameplay. The visuals have been recreated specifically for the format with map sizes and draw distances ultimately more impressive than anything seen on a console."

The player can take control of soldiers and squads, as well as over 40 vehicles, including tanks, troop carriers, helicopters and civilian vehicles. The game is set in a huge open environment covering four 100Km squared battle zones, which are free to explore at any point in the game.

Xbox Live plays a massive role in the game with over 50 multiplayer missions available. Players can also use the included in-game mission editor to create their own military situation to battle through. If the main 'Cold War Crisis' campaign and Xbox Live play isn't enough for you then you can unlock a 15 mission campaign called 'Resistance', putting the player in control of the local resistance leader Viktor Troska.

Maybe best of all is the news that Operation Flashpoint: Elite will be released at a budget price of only £19.99.