Ooblets comes out in early access on July 15

Ooblets comes out in early access on July 15
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Ooblets, the pastelised farming and monster dancing sim, starts its early access period on July 15 for PC and Xbox One.

The world of Oob is odd and delightful, and its inhabitants plant and grow little monsters to battle against each other on the dance floor. There’s a whole lot of critters, from the Derble to the Glanter to the Unnyhunny, and they’ll level up and become stronger as the player progresses. It’s chill, though, and the town offers a bustling cast of characters and enviable customisation options. If you like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Pokémon, and/or Viva Piñata, this’ll be right up your street.

Ooblets launches in early access for PC and Xbox One on July 15. Watch the early access trailer below.