Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has said he is focussing on the development of Street Fighter IV 3D on Nintendo 3DS right now, but has left the door open for an Arcade Edition update for console versions of Super Street Fighter IV in the future.

Asked by a Twitter follower just before the year end for an update on the prospect of the AE edition coming to consoles, Ono gave an encouraging response.

"Heheheheee about AE!!" he said in reply to one Tweet.

"Hehehe, We are developing SSFIV for Nintendo 3DS just now. Next, we will be..... ;D" he further teased in reply to another tweet.

It would appear that there's a good chance the AE's new characters - Yun and Yang - and balance tweaks will be coming to consoles.

Via siliconera

Ono has been teasing fans for months now, so should the Arcade Edition not make its way to consoles via DLC the news won't sit well with the series' hardcore fans.

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