Just 29 of the 53 international squads featured in the Euro 2012 expansion for FIFA 12 are officially licensed, leaving the likes of the Welsh squad to feature players such as Gareth Belth, Aaron Rumsey and Craig Belmont.

EA has never claimed the expansion would offer official licenses for all teams, but it remains a disappointment to fans which expect such a thing from the leading sports franchise.

"The national teams in Euro 2012 are a combination of teams officially licensed or covered by our FIFPro license, and generic teams," explained an EA statement.

"While we would like to have every national team officially licensed, of the 53 national teams in the game, 29 are licensed. The remaining ones are generic.

"The inclusion of national teams is negotiated between EA and each national football association, which we need to license individually. Licensing teams and leagues is a business decision based on market size and limited resources, and within these parameters, we were not able to negotiate an agreement with every football association to have their national team included within the game."


We reckon Euro 2012 is worth your money, but national fans left without an official national team to play as may consider this a deal breaker.