Mario Kart 8 will offer online multiplayer for up two 12 players, with pre-game chat using the Wii U GamePad's microphone supported in the lobby, Nintendo has announced.

Players also have the ability to create public or private tournaments to take place at a specific time and day.

Ghost data has been an important element of Mario Kart games and this continues in Mario Kart 8 with the ability to compete against ghost racers from friends, plus the times of the top 10 worldwide racers. Beat a ghost from a member of the development team and you'll earn a Miiverse stamp.

Nintendo is embracing the YouTube generation with Mario Kart TV. This in-game channel gives players the ability to view highlight reels from the races and tournaments they've taken part in, complete with rewind and slow-motion features. Link a Google account and you can also upload gameplay reels directly to YouTube.

The all new Super Horn power-up has also been detailed, which issues a sonic wave that blasts away everything in the vicinity including other drivers, Red Shells and Spiny Shells. The Crazy Eight is also introduced in MK8, a swirl of eight different items that players can use one by one.

Finally, two new playable racers have been announced. Pink Gold Peach is a heavyweight class, while Baby Rosalina joins the lightweight roster.

Mario Kart 8 launches on May 30. Register your copy to receive a free Wii U game download.

Source: Press release