The Secret World, the real world EA partners MMO, now has over one million players registered to take part it is beta test, developer Funcom has announced.

Funcom says the number of registrations is "significantly higher" than what its previous MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures saw at the same time in its pre-launch development phase.

"Shattering our previous beta records gives us great hope for The Secret World's launch and its future," says Funcom SVP of sales & marketing, Morten Larssen. "Combining this positive number with the excellent feedback we have received from both beta testers and the press that have played the game, make us very optimistic for a successful launch of The Secret World."

This coming Friday, May 11, Funcom will be kicking off the first of several Beta Weekends. Everyone who pre-orders the game will get to play each of these Beta Weekends, and more content is added from one weekend to the next leading up to launch.

In the first Beta Weekend, named 'Kingsmouth Calling', players will get to join the Templar secret society starting out in London, before they get to visit parts of Solomon Island to investigate the mysterious events that have occurred there.

The Secret World will launch June 19.


Whilst one million registered players is impressive, we all know what happened to Age of Conan - after failing to secure enough paying subscribers the MMO struggled on for several years before seemingly finding a new lease of life under a free-to-play model.

Funcom will be hoping for a different outcome with The Secret World.