Hudson Soft has announced that its all-new IP for Xbox LIVE Arcade, Omega Five, will be released worldwide in November. The gameplay follows the side-scrolling shooter tradition with the player's character moving from right to left and shooting/dodging enemies and their attacks.

As the Tempest, a hulking, four-armed alien, players will have a variety of weapons at their disposal: Volcanic Fire, a scorching stream of fire; Corrosive Acid, a highly corrosive blast of acid; and Molten Metal, a blast of molten metal.

Normal attacks can be enhanced though collected weapon upgrades, but for the ultimate weapon of destruction players will need to collect 100 p-chips. This will activate the Ultimate Burst, a nuke-like attack which causes massive destruction.

Additionally the Tempest can use a Reflector Barrier to reflect enemy fire and use it against them. If this isn't an option then the Temporal Dodge can be used to momentarily teleport to another dimension and avoid enemy fire - this will, however, eat up a small amount of energy.

Look out for Omega Five next month.