Capcom has announced that Nintendo DS action adventure title, Okamiden, will be released across Europe and Australia on March 18, 2011.

The game takes place a few months after the events of Okami and follows the adventures of Chibiterasu - a young sun god, and child of Okami's Amaterasu. Chibiterasu is summoned to protect the land and must join forces with a cast of characters - many of whom will be familiar to fans of Okami - to fight off a new threat that has leached the world of its vibrant colour.

In celebration of the confirmed release date, Capcom has revealed the Goblin Mask Facebook app and contest.

Head over to for your chance to win a 3DS, copy of the game, Chibiterasu plushies and other prizes while testing your painting skills with the new app. The Goblin Mask app is based on the in-game challenge that Kuni and Chibi encounter in the Demon Market where they draw a face on a cloth in order to pass through without being recognised.

March 2011 is also the confirmed launch month for the Nintendo 3DS in Europe, which begs the question why Capcom is choosing to launch Okamiden at a time when regular DS titles will be overshadowed by the 3DS launch line-up?