Minecraft creator Markus Persson may open a dedicated Minecraft conference in Las Vegas. The potential conference would tie in with the official release of the game.

"We're thinking about how to celebrate reaching the release on 2011/11/11. There's also a significant lack of a MinecraftCon this year. Perhaps we can combine them?" wrote Persson. "So we're thinking of perhaps setting up a MinecraftCon in Las Vegas on 2011/11/11, with all of Mojang going there, and us pushing out the final release live on stage or something."

The final decision will be voted for on a poll on Persson's blog, which asks "Would you pay 90 dollars for a MinecraftCon 2011 in Las Vegas? (hotel room and travel cost not included)"

The Las Vegas event could include contests, a Q&A sessions, as well as parties and food.

As of now the vote is split with 44.89% of voters stating they would "Definitely not" pay $90 for access to the event, 32.04% saying "Maybe" and 23.07% giving a "Yes, absolutely". Ah well, better luck next time Persson.