Octodad: Dadliest Catch has sold over 90,000 copies on PC, Mac and Linux, exceeding internal expectations, indie developer Young Horses has announced.

"Our Kickstarter funds for Octodad went towards some business costs and conference booths. Outside of that our 9 person team at Young Horses worked on Octodad: Dadliest Catch for free for 2.5 years while holding other full-time jobs," explained the studio in a blog post.

"Our hopes were that we would make back the amount of money that we felt our time was worth and be given the opportunity to bring forth from our noodly noggins other weird stuff for our next game. All we've ever wanted was to create something that connects with folks and to be able to continue doing that with our creative control intact. Today we're happy to say that both the sales and reception of Dadliest Catch have exceeded those expectations."

You can expect this figure to be bolstered with the planned April release of the game for PS4.

Source: octodadgame.com