Grounded, the new survival multiplayer game from the developer of The Outer Worlds, has a demo available for PC and Xbox One right now (via games radar).

In the game, a group of teenagers have been suddenly shrunk to the size of a dandelion seed, and are trapped in their garden until someone cracks how to get the shrinkerator working again. To regular-sized humans, the worst thing that could possibly happen in the garden is like, a sting from a bee. It’s worse than a wasp sting, because the bee dies, and bee species are having a hard time of it already. For these four players, they’ll have to scrounge and craft items to build a base so they aren’t easy pickings for ants or spiders.

Obsidian has now released a limited-time, time-limited, limited demo of Grounded for PC and Xbox One players. It’s limited-time because this opportunity will expire after the end of the Steam Summer Game Festival. It’s time-limited because the demo offers a thirty-minute window with the game, but is replayable in thirty-minute chunks until the demo expires. And, it’s limited because all PC players can get their mitts on it, but only a handful of Xbox One players registered to Xbox Insider have access to the demo. In addition, the demo is single-player and doesn’t offer the multiplayer mode. 

Grounded comes to Xbox Game Preview through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam Early Access on July 28.

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