O2 is offering its customers a free Skylanders character via its Priority Moments campaign.

The deal, which can be redeemed at GAME, offers customers the choice of 28 characters, including Fright Rider, Pop Fizz, Slam Bam, Terrafin, Chill, Ignitor, Zook, Trigger Happy, Whirlwind, Flashwing, Sprocket, Hex, Stump Smash, Bash, Drill Sergeant, Flameslinger, Gill Grunt, Sonic Boom, Double Trouble, Eruptor, Cynder, Stealth Elf, Lightning Rod, Prism Break, Wrecking Ball, Spyro, Hot Dog and Shroom Boom.

The characters normally retail for around £8 each.

To take advantage of the deal, O2 customers simply need to download the Priority Moments app, find the deal and take a valid code to a GAME store before December 31.

The latest Skylanders title, Skylanders: Swap Force, launched in October on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and in November on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.