Nvidia official says ACE for Games AI “guardrails will have serious work to do”

Nvidia official says ACE for Games AI “guardrails will have serious work to do”
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Nvidia recently announced their ACE for Games AI project, which will introduce a generative experience to gaming. It was first showcased by Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, in a video which combined Convai, Nvidia NeMO and Riva and Audio to Face for a real time gaming experience conversation between a gamer and an AI powered NPC.

The tool will be used by developers to include AI, in its many different forms whether it’s conversational or visual, into games. The announcement has been met with a varied reaction – with some championing the advances in development, while others have been whispering how AI will change gaming.

An emerging pattern can be observed with the development of AI, which has people aiming to catch different language models out. For example, someone recently tried to convince ChatGPT it was also an AI in order to help it to escape, while others have mourned the patching of different ChatGPT jailbreaks – DAN command, for example. Naturally, when ACE was announced, people immediately thought about what different “guardrails” might be needed for conversational AI to remain in character and theme with the game, which can be read in this Reddit thread.

An Nvidia official responded with information on ConvAI, alongside the nature of having to write detailed backstories for all characters involved in order to preserve the theatrics. However, one commenter asked how soon the typical “typical gamer [would] intentionally derail the AI,” to which the official responded that the “guardrails will have serious work to do.”

AI has long since been the center of debate regarding safety and privacy issues, and while ACE for Games might not exactly cause major issues with these things, it’s still a possibility for the tool to provide unsavoury results. The Nvidia official asserts that “gamers will stress-test this tech like no other,” which some commenters even saw as a good thing: “they will also be valuable data to improve on the guardrail system.”

When we see Nvidia ACE for Games finally integrated into games – we could be seeing speedruns to break the guardrail system pretty swiftly.