Nordic Games was the only bidder to offer a figure which matched or exceed the reserve set for the auction lot that included the Darksiders franchise, the firm's business & product development director Reinhard Pollice has revealed.

"I cant go much into detail about this and I don't know who else was bidding," wrote Pollice on the franchise's newly opened Nordic Games forum. "However we were the only party that made an offer where THQ was willing to sell Darksiders. All other offers were far below from their internal reserve price."

Regarding what Nordic Games plans to do with the IP, Pollice wrote: "Naturally we don't have any sure plans for the future of the series as we don't even have a development team.

"So for now we will be analysing the situation and try to figure out what's the best option.

"One thing is sure: The tale of the four horsemen is not over!"

Interestingly, Vigil co-founder Ryan Stefanelli who is now at Crytek, popped up on the forum thread to offer some advice.

"As one of the co-founders of Vigil and the lead level designer/principal designer on both games, all I can say is... make it adventurous," he wrote.

"And do what we would've done: let people know what happens when those other three comets land on Earth! Four player co-op or bust!

"Good luck to you guys. You've adopted our baby."

Back in March, Stefanelli revealed that Crytek was bidding for Darksiders, Tweeting: "Time to bring it home. Crytek to bid on the Darksiders IP!"

Ben Cureton, former lead combat designer at Vigil who is also now at Crytek, added that he'd be happy to take the franchise off Nordic Games' hands."

"If you decide you don't want to continue making games for the series, let me know," he wrote. "We'd be more than happy to take the IP off your hands. In fact, you can even have all of the money that DS1 and DS2 continue to generate!"

Darksiders is one of many IPs Nordic Games is set to acquire from THQ, including Red Faction, MX vs ATV, Titan Quest, Supreme Commander, Frontlines, Destroy All Humans, Full Spectrum Warrior and more.

Source: Nordic Games forum

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