Grasshopper Manufacture's Goichi Suda said last month that No More Heroes 2 would be the final game in the series on Wii, but it now seems that the video game creator still wants to develop for Nintendo platforms, specifically the Wii successor.

"Actually, I answered differently, and it may have been misinterpreted. What I wanted to say was, looking at the Wii, I think No More Heroes 2 will probably be the last iteration for this current platform," Suda told 1UP. "But there's probably going to be a "Wii 2" or other next-gen system from Nintendo at some point, so I was saying that I would want to do another game in the series on the next Nintendo platform."

If and when that new game in the series does materialise, fans shouldn't expect hero Travis Touchdown to be the main focus of the story.

"I want to continue the No More Heroes series, but I've finished the story for Travis," said Suda. "It's completely finished in No More Heroes 2. So I want to think of a different story - a different character, or something like that within the series - starting on the next Nintendo platform."

No More Heroes is available now on Wii. The sequel is still without a confirmed release date in the UK.

Via 1UP