No Man’s Sky adds psychedelic space shuttles that live and grow in new update

No Man’s Sky adds psychedelic space shuttles that live and grow in new update
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Hello Games released a new update for No Man’s Sky, and it brings the Void Ships (via PlayStation Blog). 

These are biological creatures that were borne of ancient experiments. They look a little like big ol’ squids, but naturally, all of the Void Ships are procedurally generated like the rest of No Man’s Sky. As a result, the player must incubate and nurture their development towards traits that they want in their ship. The Void Ships will possess a unique set of internal organs that change its abilities, and a new set of missions will explore their strange origins.

These crafts are unlike any other in No Man’s Sky, and the developer assured that flight will feel very weird in VR as the player grasps tendrils and veins to steer the shuttle. Lovely. Greater exploration brings all-new space encounters, in the form of new lifeforms and cryptic objects hidden in the nooks and crannies of the galaxy. 

Hello Games also said that it is marking a new approach for the continued support for No Man’s Sky. “In previous years we have focused the team around one large update. We’ve been really proud of the work we did on these huge updates like Next or Beyond, but something always bothered us… there were normally eight months or more where we were silent, and the community was left wondering if we would ever update the game again!” said director Sean Murray. “Meanwhile there were smaller features that were ready earlier, but had to wait until all the other work they were wrapped up in was complete.” The consistent updates seem to have struck a chord with players, as January 2020 was the most successful January the game has had since its launch in 2016. It will continue on this path, in order to provide players with a steady stream of content as they traverse  the ever-sprawling universe.

The Living Ship update is free for all players. No Man’s Sky is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.