Capcom UK has this morning issued a statement to on the issue of Monster Hunter Frontier Online - overnight confirmed for release in Japan on the Xbox 360 - coming to the West.

It said: "Monster Hunter Frontier is an online multiplayer action RPG currently only available in Japan and other Asian territories. Originally released in 2007 for the PC, it has now been confirmed that Monster Hunter Frontier will be released in Japan on the Xbox 360. As yet the title has not been confirmed for release in Europe or North America."

This morning Capcom announced the summer 2010 launch of Monster Hunter Frontier Online for Xbox 360 in Japan. Monster Hunter - hugely popular in Japan - has seen a number of Western releases, most recently on the PSP with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Monster Hunter will make its Wii debut in North America and Europe this April with the releases of Monster Hunter Tri.

Fingers crossed, then, that Monster Hunter Frontier Online will eventually see the light of day on these shores.