by on Oct 31, 2019

Nioh 2 release date and open beta demo announced

Team Ninja has announced that Nioh 2 will release March 13, 2020, and that there will be an open beta on PlayStation 4 for players to enjoy (via PlayStation Blog).

The sequel seems to be shaping up to be an eerie extravaganza with new and classic features that will transform the souls-like. The Nioh 2 hero is called Hideyoshi, and they are a half-human, half-Yokai hybrid with incredible but uncontrollable strength and abilities. Through a character creation system, players are able to customise their own representation, and the asynchronous multiplayer system turns other players’ characters into NPCs that feature in their journey.

Hideyoshi’s hybridity will give rise to unique combat experiences as they are brought into the Dark Realm of the Yokai, which increases their monstrous power at the expense of their human form. Each of these transformations possess strengths and weaknesses, letting players pick and choose the build they like, just like Nioh. And, the open beta for Nioh 2 will grant excitable players the chance to explore these new options, from tomorrow. 

The beta is set for November 1 to November 10, and is downloadable from the PlayStation Store. Players will begin in a safe zone called the Interim, where they can play around with the features and mechanics before moving into a real fight in Sunomata. ‘The experience will be an interpretation of historical actualities combined with a healthy injection of Yokai adventure!’ producer Fumihiko Yasuda explained. He added that those partaking in the beta will get to test out the Switchglaive weapon, explore the stunning Sunomata environments, and provide invaluable feedback to the developer.

Pre-orders are live now and expectedly these will come with extra gifts compared to the base Nioh 2. ‘As the development enters into its final phase, we will be busy with debug, rebalance, debug, rebalance…’ Yasuda concluded. ‘All kidding aside, I’m anxious for you guys to play the Beta and we very much look forward to your feedback so that we can properly finalize Nioh 2.’ Finally, those who beat the beta will be rewarded with The Mark of the Demon Slayer, which will unlock the Kamaitachi Helmet in Nioh 2.

Nioh is coming to PlayStation Plus next month, which is the perfect opportunity for players to sharpen their swords and grapple with the souls-like style. Also, Koei Tecmo revealed that those with a Nioh save will be able to play as William in the beta. All the more reason to jump in, if you ask me.

Nioh 2

on PlayStation 4

Release Date:

01 January 2019