The Nintendo Switch has outsold the PlayStation 3 in Japan, showing that the console is not going to slow down any time soon (via Resetera). 

This week’s sales statistics from Japan claim that the Nintendo Switch has reached 10,432,570 units in lifetime sales, and that trumps the PlayStation 3. That console had sold 10,248,867 units in Japan in 2016, so the handheld Switch has surpassed this statistic and then some in a fraction of the time. Groovy. 

The next milestone to achieve is exceeding the sales of the Nintendo Wii, which has distributed 12,739,119 copies in the country since its launch. The Switch is doing so incredibly well that Nintendo Japan issued an apology for low stocks of Ring Fit Adventure—even the promotional displays have had their units sold to customers. The Nintendo Switch Lite sold 160,000 units in its launch week, and was predicted to skyrocket once Pokémon Sword and Shield released. With future Switch exclusives and new, unique IPs in the pipeline, the console could very well beat the record and make a pretty penny for Nintendo at the same time. 


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