The upcoming Super Mario movie from Illumination Entertainment may not even get off the ground if the concept isn't ultimately interesting enough. That's according to the plucky plumber's own creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, who offered a brief update on the film during an investors Q&A.

Shigsy, who is serving as producer on the animated movie, revealed that he's been flirting with the idea of making a Mario flick for 'many years now.' He also said that folk had questioned why Ninty didn't pump out a film a lot sooner, believing that 'making a game is like making a movie,' but was quick to point out this isn't really the case. 

Miyamoto-san went on to say he started chatting to Illumination's Chris Meledandri over two years ago in regards to adapting Mazza to the big screen. 'Chris is extremely cost-conscious and time-conscious in his quest to make successful movies,' he said. 

Crucially, Shigsy said that Nintendo has no qualms about cutting ties with the project if it doesn't provide something compelling for viewers. Right now however, it's obvious the movie is still in its infancy. 

'We've talked together and share the feeling that if we can't make something interesting we'll just call it quits,' explained Miyamoto. 'But we've already met a number of times to hash out the screenplay, our talks together are progressing, and I hope to make an announcement once we've ironed out some things like the schedule.'

Mario has already make the jump to the silver screen with 1993's Super Mario Bros., which starred Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as the Brooklyn-based plumbing duo and Dennis Hopper as King Koopa. It really has to be seen to be believed. 

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