Tecmo Koei has announced Ninja Gaiden 3, revealing one image which teases what we can expect from the sequel.


Attending a behind-closed door reveal earlier today, the image of Ryo Hayabusa holds secrets of the game to come. Ryu is pulling off his mask to represent a more human side to the series' protagonist and the idea that players will discover more about him.

Ryu also has blood on his face, representing a more violent and bloody experience to Ninja Gaiden 2.


You can also see a reflection of a person in Ryu's eye, perhaps suggesting an inner darkness which he is trying to contain - the likelihood is this darkness will manifest itself with new abilities.


The flames represent Ryu's descent into a hellish realm and the hell he plans to unleash on his foes.


We've also noticed something peculiar looking under the right eye that looks too specific to be just a blood smear.

The game's currently without a firm release date or platforms.

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