James Orry by on Sep 30, 2016

Nidhogg 2’s new art style has divided fans

Nidhogg 2 will release in 2017 for PC – and maybe other platforms too – and aims to build on the popular duelling mechanics of the first game with new moves, weapons, arenas, monsters and a controversial new look, Messhof has announced.

The game promises 10 arenas for local and online multiplayer and tournament mode, plus a new single-layer mode in which you’ll go up against a series of AI opponents and the occasional special challenge round.

The soundtrack features music from Mux Mool, Dose One, Daedelus and more.

The 8-bit art style is by Toby Dixon, and this appears to be splitting fan opinion, with the character designs proving most problematic. Gone is the ultra basic stickman style of the original, replaced with a far chunkier design which some have said makes the figures look like a naked Homer Simpson.

Here’s a selection of fan feedback following the game’s announcement on Twitter yesterday.

“very exciting to have a sequel but as others have said I reaaaaaallly dislike that art style (sorry)” @wildbillch 

“Not usually one to tell someone how to do their job, but the character design is kind of ruining this… Enviros look amaze tho!” @plattzone 

“super late april fools” @googumproduce 

“The player character model is… id rather stick men.” @nicktherat 

“the art is shit, change it please.. pixel art was beautiful.” @Nayef_mazraani 

“I love nidhogg but pleas change the playable character designs =| they’re so so so so ugly and unappealing” @Cragscorner 

Some fans are willing to embrace the new look.

“I don’t get the hate, looks freaking awesome! I’m all over that crazy wacky style you’re going for.” @CandeeFace 

“Loving the new art style, I mean I won’t sleep for a while but I love it :D” @tomtusk 

“this looks awesomely ridiculous, cant wait.” @SeanSebSoldier 

I think Nidhogg 2 looks amazing. Let us know what you think over on @VideoGamerCom.

Source: Messhof 


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Nidhogg 2

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Aims to build on the popular duelling mechanics of the first game…

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15 August 2017