NHL 23: Mighty Ducks Content Revealed

NHL 23: Mighty Ducks Content Revealed
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Earlier this week, NHL 23 made a special announcement for its community and it’s an exciting one. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the hit hockey movie ‘The Mighty Ducks’, NHL 23 dropped an all-new content drop celebrating the legendary film, and it’s a sight to behold.

If you’ve been dreaming of ever rocking the sleek green and purple Mighty Ducks threads in-game on the ice, you finally can in NHL 23.

But how can you acquire these fresh, new Mighty Ducks jerseys and skates? NHL 23 did not make the process complicated and fans should be able to secure these new items with ease.

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Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the NHL 23 Mighty Ducks content drop.

NHL 23: Mighty Ducks Content Release

NHL 23 Mighty Ducks
Curtesy of NHL 23

As highlighted in the photos within the article, NHL 23 released new jerseys, new skates, and an exclusive Anaheim Ducks ICON choice pack.

Available in-game starting this past Tuesday, November 1st, you can acquire a World of Chel (WOC) Mighty Ducks Jersey, WOC Mighty Ducks Ultraboost Skates, a WOC Hawks Jersey, WOC Hawks Ultraboost Skates, and Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) Mighty Ducks and Hawks Jerseys as well.

Though these awesome new items will be available for everyone no matter the date of purchase, those players that do log in between November 1st, 2022, and January 2, 2023, will be able to redeem these items in the HUT store instead. Following January 2nd, these Mighty Duck items will only be granted to WOC players on first logins, and in HUT, will be available via packs.

Last but definitely not least, NHL 23 did include an Anaheim Ducks ICON choice pack in their new content drop that contains the likes of six legendary hockey names. This pack comes with Teemu Selanne, Scott Niedermayer, François Beauchemin, Saku Koivu, Andy McDonald, and JeanSébastien Giguère. However, these packs will only be available to players who login from November 1st, 2022 to January 2nd, 2023.

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