Speaking during the Game Developers Conference Mobile keynote address, ngmoco co-founder Neil Young described the iPhone as the "most important device" he had ever owned and one that was "going to enable incredible things for gaming."

ngmoco was founded in June 2008 and has released six games for the iPhone, including the hugely popular Rolando.

Young firmly believes that the iPhone is "better" than both the DS and PSP, noting that the device is always on and always with you, but also and most importantly because there are no first-party games on the platform.

"Don't let the haters tell you it sucks compared to the DS or the PSP," said Young. "It doesn't. It's good. It's clear that the quality of iPhone games is eclipsing its [portable] console counterparts, and that's even more acute when you compare it against the prior generation."

It's about much more than fancy visuals though, explained Young, pointing to Nintendo's success with the DS.

"It didn't do it by competing on spec, it did it by competing on its unique capability. Nintendo was able to win that battle by combining great software with hardware that it understood very well," said Young.

Young concluded: "We're at the centre of the new everything... The iPhone has revolutionised everything."

Via Gamasutra

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