Posting over on the Team Fortress 2 blog, Valve level designer Greg Cherlin has revealed that the game's next update will focus on the Sniper.

"The next class pack will focus on the Sniper," said Cherlin. "It's actually shaping up to be the largest TF2 update yet, with multiple new maps and a bunch of gameplay tweaks. In addition, we've got another update in the works that should be done before the Sniper, and that one will include some new content for all classes."

Cherlin also noted that an Xbox 360 update is still being worked on and explained why it's taken longer than the PC update.

"The original version of TF2 in the Orange Box was very close to the Xbox's memory limit, and all the additional TF2 content we've produced has pushed well beyond it," explained Cherlin. "We've found a couple of nifty ways to get back a bunch of that memory, but it's turned out to be a lot of work, and that's what most of our time is being spent on."

Team Fortress 2 is available for PC and on Xbox 360 and PS3 as part of the Orange Box.