Ghost Games has been working on a future title in the Need For Speed series for months, according to an EA job ad.

Posted on October 29, the ad states that "Ghost Games is currently developing Need for Speed Rivals for both current and next generation gaming consoles and has already begun work on future iterations of the franchise."

Ghost announced during summer that it had been given control of the Need For Speed franchise, taking over from previous Need For Speed developer Criterion.

Criterion later revealed that it had reduced its team size down to around 16 people, with the majority of its previous workforce splintering off to form Ghost Games UK.

Ghost's first title, Need For Speed: Rivals, launched on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC last month. But whether a new Need For Speed title will release next year remains to be seen.

In October, Ghost creative director Craig Sullivan told that the developer "could stop and wait a few years" before developing another title.

"The future is obviously Need For Speed because Ghost are picking up the Need For Speed banner, but that can mean many different things," he said.

"We've done many different things at Criterion and Ghost in the past. When we finished Burnout Paradise we did a year of Paradise. We could stop and wait a few years and do another game or we could do another game sooner. Or we could do a service or we could do tablet stuff. The fact is, there are lots of different things we can do and we will make the decision on exactly what that's going to be once this game is done."