Apple will begin producing the next iPad model in January 2012, according to a DigiTimes report.

DigiTimes (a daily newspaper dealing with the semiconductor, electronics, computer and communications industries in Taiwan and the Greater China region, says Wikipedia) reports that Samsung, LG and Sharp shipped one million high-resolution flat panels to Apple in October.

Shipments in November will be two million units, according to DigiTimes.

TPK Holding and Wintek, who develop the iPad's touch modules, are also expected to begin shipping their products to Apple this month.

DigiTimes' source said Apple's contract maker Foxconn Electronics is expected to begin production of the next iPad in January, judging by current shipment rates.

The site also reports that Apple is also reported to be testing a new 7.85-inch iPad display. The iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch display.