Beowulf tells the story of a daring hero called Beowulf and his adventures in the times of the Viking age. We're promised a new innovative melee fighting system, natural and supernatural enemies, and an exceptional story and characters, which will apparently make the game a must for action adventure enthusiasts.

"We are thrilled to be providing our experience and workforce to this amazing new title," said Tobias Severin, CEO at 4HEAD Studios. "Our workflow and toolchain have been tailored specifically for large-scale productions such as this, and our team has proven that it can deliver great action adventure game experiences. We look forward to bringing the Beowulf franchise to next-generation gaming platforms."

"Beowulf is an exceptionally strong license and has the potential to make quite a splash on next-generation platforms. With 4HEAD and 3D-IO, we have brought two of the most talented teams in the industry together, in order to develop this game to its maximum potential," commented Gustaf Stechmann, Producer and Creative Director of Beowulf.

Beowulf is currently without a publisher and more info on the game can be found at