Speaking to Eurogamer, Eidos Creative Director Ian Livingstone has revealed that the next instalment of Lara Croft - the real next-gen game - will have fans believing they are watching the TV.

"I've seen some of the in-game models and it's just like watching television; if you felt you were in love with Lara Croft previously, you ain't seen nothing yet. You'll be drooling when you see the new Lara as she appears in the next iteration," Livingstone told Eurogamer.

Lara's true next-gen debut is still some way off, but gamers don't have to wait too long for another dose of Miss Croft; the 10th Anniversary game is expected to be fully unveiled shortly, with its release scheduled for 2007.

Livingstone also added that progress on a third Tomb Raider movie is being made.

"There's a possibility - we've been talking to Paramount, who've agreed to assign a scriptwriter," he told Eurogamer. "That's nowhere near the green-light process but it's a very healthy start to have a scriptwriter which they're going to pay serious amounts of money to write the first script."