The DRM policies for PS4 and Xbox One continue to come under scrutiny and sources tell Edge that publishers are likely to implement similar restrictions on both platforms, despite suggestions of the contrary from Sony earlier this week.

Sources have told Edge that Sony's announcements were a PR play and the decision to be DRM-free was made at the very last minute.

Furthermore, it's said that both Sony and Microsoft's stance on DRM has been changing continually over the last few months - Microsoft's being less strict than it once was - with final publishing agreements still at least another month away from being finalised. This suggests the situation could change again, be that good or bad for consumers.

Developers have told Edge that they need to protect revenues made on their products, with one source stating that seemingly strict DRM measures are needed in order for the console business to survive.

PS4 will launch this holiday season, with Xbox One coming in November.

Source: Edge Online