A new four minute video of Watch Dogs has emerged online highlighting the wind and water technology featured in Ubisoft's upcoming open worlder.

The footage first appeared on German website PCGamesHardware.de, but was later removed and re-uploaded by AllGamesBeta. Somebody presumably made a blunder.

However, it isn't yet clear which version of the game the footage has been taken from. The footage was initially believed to have been grabbed from the PC version, but later comments on NeoGAF suggest it may actually be of the PlayStation 4 version instead.

Creative director Jonathan Morin stated earlier this week that the PC version will "push the details better" than the console versions, but said he wasn't sure whether the game features "PC specific GFX".

Watch Dogs launches on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27 with a Wii U version following at a later date.

Source: pcgameshardware.de, allgamesbeta, neogaf.com