New Tales
Ben Borthwick by on Jan 24, 2022

New Tales is a new publisher/developer from former European Activision Blizzard veterans

Former veterans of Activision Blizzard’s European arm have established New Tales, a “player communities-centric” publisher and developer.

The company will be based in Paris, and promises to “create fresh IPs through its own internal studios”. In addition, the company claims it will also “provide state of the art publishing services with a global scope to other game developers through fair partnerships.”

New Tales will be headed up by Cédric Maréchal, who was previously International Senior Vice President of Activision Blizzard. Joining him will be Benoit Dufour. Both have previously worked at Vivendi Games. Former Senior Director EMEA at Blizzard Delphine Le Corre joins them, also having credits at both studios. Then there’s Emmanuel Obert who was also a former EMEA director at Blizzard, & who’s also had a stint at Ubisoft.

The new outfit also boasts two co-founders of Blue Silver Studios including Ray and Kim Gresko with the latter also spending time at LucasArts. Finally in the announcement, former Overwatch Production Director Julia Humphreys is also on the team.

As for projects currently in the works, the announcement claims the team are already working with partners. New Tales also say they’ve started the process of bolstering up its development capabilities to start work on their first IP. However, there’s no word yet what that IP might look like. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.


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