Development of a full-fledged sequel to New Star Soccer will hopefully get under way in the new year and could be released by the year end, the game's developer Simon Read has told Sportra.

"I'm also thinking about a complete sequel to the game, so work on that will hopefully start in the new year," revealed Read. "Hopefully by the end of the year [2014] we'll be somewhere close to having a complete sequel."

However, Read isn't ready to retire the original New Star Soccer just yet, with plans for more updates as soon as this Christmas.

"We want to do a few more updates, I'm not really sure when I'll call it a day on this version, but I definitely want to add a few more gameplay features," said Read. "1.5 has been, kind of, getting in a lot of things behind the scenes that players aren't really going to notice or be interested in. We've added different languages so the game will now support Russian and Asian fonts, and that was quite a big thing for this version, obviously with the view to try and have some success in other markets. There will definitely be some updates to this version, hopefully around Christmas time."

New Star Soccer 1.5 is out now for iOS, with the Android update to follow when it's ready.

Those holding out for a console version may be in luck as Read is thinking about bringing the sequel to PS Vita.

"I'd definitely like to see a Vita version, I think that would be fun," said Read. "It is something that I've been thinking about, and there is potential that, you know, maybe the sequel would be completely cross-platform. Not just iOS and Android and PC but built for bringing in the console."

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