Speaking to Kotaku at the Tokyo Game Show, Akinori Nishiyama, producer on Sonic Unleashed, revealed that while a high definition remake of a classic Sonic title or all-new high definition 2D title might be out of the question, a new title in the style of Mega Man 9 could certainly be on the cards.

"There's always the possibility," said Nishiyama when asked about making a high definition 2D Sonic game. "Whether it would be viable remains to be seen, but having a new game - or even a remake of the GBA games, which we now can't use [thanks to the DSi] - would certainly be possible."

He added: "One of our ideas has been that on older consoles, you may have had only 16 colours. One thing we could do is make a game like Mega Man 9; do a new Sonic, but in an old style."

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