New Shenmue III details confirmed, will be longer than past games

New Shenmue III details confirmed, will be longer than past games
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Shenmue III creator and industry legend Yu Suzuki has spilled a few new details on the upcoming martial arts epic during the recent G-Fusion tour in China (via Shenmue Dojo).

Among the biggest info the Hang-On mastermind revealed is the fact Ryo Hazuki's long-awaited adventure will be pretty meaty in terms of length, offering a longer play time than its predecessors.

Not only that, but Shenmue III will bring back some popular minigames including Lucky Hit, Excite QTE, toy capsules, and forklift truck racing. 

No word yet if Ryo will be racing trucks as part of his part-time job like in the original Shenmue, but that doesn't matter. Forklift truck racing is back, and my inner 16-year-old is doing somersaults of joy. 

Speaking of things to do, side missions will be part of the game as expected, although they will now be integrated into the main narrative rather than being completely separate. 

Finally, Chinese martial arts will appear in Shenmue III, but they may not actually be part of Ryo's move list.

Shenmue III is out on August 27, and recently wrapped its crowdfunding initiative at $7.1 million.