New racer pushes Wii to its limits

New racer pushes Wii to its limits
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Legendary British video game creator Archer MacLean has told that the physics implemented in his upcoming futuristic Wii racer Wheelspin will push the Nintendo console to its limits.

“Well the thing with Rollcage, WipEout, F-Zero as well, they’re all classic, classic games. They, F-Zero and WipEout, had you floating through the scenery, you were just sort of swaying left and right, we’ve got full physics, and we’re pushing the Wii to the limit to make the physics work,” MacLean told at gamescom last month.

He added: “We like to think we’ve pretty much got it to the edge, yeah, right to the edge.”

For more on Wheelspin head over to our extended video preview with Archer MacLean. The game’s scheduled for release this autumn.