The latest PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update on Xbox One has delivered a head shot to the game's previous and controversial patch, with developer PUBG Corp reverting vehicle/player damage back to its original form. 

Fans were pretty miffed with the late January update, which reduced the amount of punishment that players took after being run over by a vehicle. In addition, it also increased the amount of damage players could inflict on vehicles. 

However, the former has now returned to its original values, so that players take more of a battering after going under the wheels of a vehicle. Frankly, this makes much more sense, as the original patch made the whole situation a bit of a laughing stock.

Elsewhere, there's also some minor bug fixes to take into consideration, including fixing a problem where gamers could not vault over specific ledges and/or windows, and the camera now sits in the correct place after a player snuffs it on the battlefield. 

Microsoft recently announced that it is releasing a new Xbox One S hardware bundle featuring a downloadable copy of PUBG.

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