UPDATE: Yamagishi has clarified that the project is not attached to a new Ninja Gaiden video game.

"I apologize for any confusion caused by this tweet," he tweeted last night. "This new project does not relate to a new video game!"

While it still isn't clear what the project is, you should probably expect it to be a new musical project attached to the composer.

ORIGINAL STORY: A new Ninja Gaiden project is in the works, composer Keiji Yamagishi has confirmed, with more details set to be revealed next month.

Tweeting earlier today, Yamagishi said that he is "pleased to announce that I'm working on a new project related to Ninja Gaiden. I'll be able to share more news in July!"

It isn't clear from his tweet whether the project is directly related to a new game, or another project based on the franchise, such as a movie, TV series or CD soundtrack.

Team Ninja, which has worked on most recent games in the series, is currently developing PS4 action-RPG Nioh, due for release later this year. The most recent entry, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, launched on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2014.

Source: @MoreYamasan

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