MX vs. ATV Alive, the next instalment in the 10 million unit-selling franchise, will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in May 2010 for the lower than usual $39.99 suggested retail price. A UK price hasn't been confirmed.

The new game will feature an enhanced physics engine, promising the most authentic motocross racing experience to date, and will be supported by an "unprecedented digital content distribution strategy" upon its launch.

A new Bar-to-Bar racing mechanic allows for increased physical contact between riders so players can battle for position on the track like never before, creating an intense, realistic racing experience.

The game will also sport an advanced version of the franchise's physics engine, refined terrain deformation and smoother controls.

Perhaps most interesting is an a la carte method of digital content distribution that allows players to pay for only what they want to play after they have bought the initial on-disc game.

By offering the game at a lower price point THQ will be hoping to attract a larger audience, which it can then convince to purchase additional content to extend the experience.

It sounds very similar to the traditional DLC approach, only here gamers will only get the most from the game if they purchase the extra content.