Capcom has patched the Xbox One edition of Monster Hunter: World, squashing the pesky matchmaking issues that have been marring the experience for players since launch. 

The update targets errors across the board, including "Matchmake," “Filter Search," “Squad Sessions Session” and “Respond to SOS." Hopefully, this will result in a smoother online experience for budding beast slayers on the Microsoft platform. 

Elsewhere, Capcom's also rolled out a fresh update for the PS4 release of Monster Hunter: World, which includes ironing out an issue where earning points and bounties were not working properly.  In addition, it addresses two problems related to the Hunting Horn (these updates also apply to the Xbox One version).

Monster Hunter: World was unleashed for Sony and Microsoft's latest home consoles last Friday, and has already shipped an impressive five million copies worldwide. Alice thought the game was nothing short of a beastly success, and should entice both newcomers and veteran fans alike.

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