New Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay reveals a leafy garden floor and co-op capers

New Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay reveals a leafy garden floor and co-op capers
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Nintendo has uploaded extended gameplay footage of Luigi’s Mansion 3 from Gamescom that shows off a botanical garden floor and new mechanics for single player and co-op play. 

The Poltergust — or souped up hoover — will be able to manipulate the environment and find rewards. For example, vacuuming up a football to throw at plant pots will shatter them and drop hearts. And in this section, shining Luigi’s torch at shrinking violets will make them bloom with coins. I just learned that the proper term for closed up flowers is nyctinasty, so you can have that one for the next time you play Scrabble.  

Luigi has also learned new moves like Burst, which will cause the Poltergust to backfire and throw him into the air. Suction Shot will lift and move obstacles out of the way, which will definitely be helpful in puzzling parts and the big boss battles

We also got to see how Gooigi, Luigi’s co-op companion, could lend a helping hand in spooky scuffles. Finally, there seem to be opportunities for the players to cause chaos for the other with their characters’ not-so-similar abilities, leading to hilarious moments in the higgledy-piggledy hotel. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases for Nintendo Switch on October 31. Watch the new gameplay footage below.